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Prepare Clothes Before Putting Them in Your Washing Machine

Do you prepare your clothes before putting them in your washing machine, or do you toss them in right away? It is advisable that you unbutton shirts, close zippers, check pockets, and secure straps before putting clothes in the washing machine.

This is to prevent your clothes from getting damaged while inside the wash. For example, leaving your clothes buttoned can loosen the thread around the buttonholes. Lint can catch on Velcro straps if you don’t close them properly.

Remove the Stains on Clothes Beforehand

Many people ask the question, “can you put bleach in a washing machine to whiten clothes?” The answer to that question is yes. You can put bleach in a washing machine to whiten your clothes.

However, you cannot rely on just putting bleach in the washing machine to remove the stain off your clothes. If there are stained clothes in your laundry, it is recommended that you remove the stains first by hand before putting them in with the other clothes. The purpose of removing them beforehand is to prevent staining other clothes as well.

Separate Light from Heavy Clothes

For those who are asking the question, “what clothes go together in the washing machine?” Consider having multiple hampers to separate different types of clothes. You can sort your clothes by their material. Shirts are often made of light material. You can put clothes with the same sort of material together with your shirts. Separate them from clothes made with thicker materials such as jeans and jackets.

By doing this, you can prevent damaging the light types. Keep in mind that jeans and jackets need to stay in the dryer for a longer time than shirts.

Separate Clothes According to Color

For sure, you have heard the saying, “the only thing that has to be separated by color is laundry.” You should take that seriously to avoid turning your favorite white shirt into a red one.

Dark-colored clothes have dyes that can seep into the lighter ones. So there is a chance for your light-colored clothes to change colors when you wash them with dark-colored ones.

Do not Overload

One of the most frequently asked questions is: how many clothes can you put in a washing machine? The answer depends on what kind of washing machine you have. Manufacturers always indicate the capacity of their machines. Follow it strictly.

Make sure that the clothes can freely move around for them to be cleaned thoroughly. Similarly, refrain from putting very small loads per cycle to avoid wasting water and detergent.

Leave Your Washing Machine’s Door Open After Use

Mold and mildew grow in damp areas. Your washing machine is the perfect host for this. To prevent mold and mildew growth, leave your washing machine’s door open. Doing so will give it time to air out and dry up. This can prevent foul odor from occurring.

Clean Your Washing Machine

You have surely read about numerous washing machine tips, but one of the most important tips you have to keep in mind is to clean your washing machine regularly. After all, the main purpose of washing machines is to clean clothes, so they should also stay clean.