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Shake out clothes when you remove them from the washer

It may seem like a hassle, but shaking out your clothes as you pull them from the washer can help prevent wrinkles and cut down on drying time.

Dry full loads of laundry

Whenever possible, dry full loads of laundry instead of a few items at a time. It’s a more efficient use of energy.

Don’t overload the dryer

While you should dry full loads whenever possible, don’t overload the dryer. The clothes need room to tumble for faster drying and reduced wrinkles.

Use a dryer sheet

Dryer sheets can help soften clothes, reduce static cling and make them smell great. They aren’t necessary, but the reduced static can make folding less shocking.

Choose the right setting for your clothes

Different materials require different settings. In general, use high heat for jeans, towels, and other heavy fabrics; medium heat for synthetic materials like polyester; and low heat for delicate items like lingerie.

Don’t add wet clothing to a partially dry load

Adding wet clothes to a partially dry load can throw off the moisture detector, resulting in over and under dried clothes.

Keep the door closed

Avoid opening the dryer door after you start a load. Every time the door is opened, hot air escapes which will add time to the drying cycle.

Remove dry clothes from the dryer ASAP

As soon as your clothes are dry, get them out of the dryer, shake them out, and fold or hang them to avoid wrinkles.