Diagnose Appliance Problems

Professional same-day repairs, when your appliances give you trouble, can make life difficult or even impossible. No matter the make or model, Onno Appliance Repair always comes prepared to complete repairs on the spot. We are available throughout the.

Refrigerator Freezer Problems

    • The refrigerator-freezer is cold but, the refrigerator is warm
    • Not defrosting
    • Refrigerator not cooling
    • Water dispenser of Refrigerator not working
    • The ice maker of Refrigerator not working
    • Refrigerator light not working

Microwave Oven Problems

    • Microwave/Oven, not heating
    • Microwave/Oven bulb won’t work
    • Microwave/Oven shuts off often
    • Microwave/oven doesn’t bake evenly
    • Microwave/Oven door problems
    • Microwave/Oven fan won’t turn off

Dryer Problems

    • Dryer stopped spinning
    • Dryer takes too long
    • Dryer tripping breaker
    • Dryer won’t start
    • Dryer won’t stop

Dishwasher Problems

  • Dishwasher is making a loud noise
  • Dishwasher won’t drain
  • Dishwasher vibrating or shaking
  • Dishwasher fills slowly
  • Dishwasher stops mid cycle

Washer Problems

  • Washer won’t spin
  • Washer is making noise
  • Washer won’t drain
  • Washer vibrating or shaking

Cook Top Problems

  • Burners spark all the time
  • Heating element won’t turn off
  • Burner won’t light
  • Heating element not working

Brands we repair

We repair most major brands, and models.